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  • I have medical insurance in my home country. Do I still need Travel Medical Insurance?
    Yes, most medical insurance does not cover medical expenses out of the home country.
  • If I need special medication care, will travel medical insurance pay for my transportation?"
    surance will pay for your transportation to the nearest medical facilities that will provide you with the needed medical attention. This is under medical evacuation.
  • Will I get reimbursed for the unused portion of my trip if I have to discontinue my travel due to illness?
    Travel Medical Insurance will provide limited coverage. There is broader coverage under the Travel Insurance, also known as Trip Cancellation Insurance.
  • I was told that my Medicare Supplement insurance will give me $50,000 of foreign travel outside of the United States. Will this take care of my Travel Medical?"
    The $50,000 is for medical emergency. This may not reimburse you for the medical evacuation.
  • Will Travel Medical Insurance cover my pre-existing medical condition?
    Different plans have their own definition of pre-existing conditions. Be sure to review the plans and choose accordingly. If you have specific pre-existing condition questions, please contact us via chat or email.


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